child friendly wifi

G5 Technologies is proud to be an approved provider of Friendly Wi-Fi.

Friendly Wi-Fi is the world’s first WiFi accreditation scheme. Designed to verify if a public Wi-Fi service meets a minimum level of filtering. Friendly Wi-Fi enables you to block illegal content and inappropriate or harmful websites. Show your guests you have child friendly WiFi.

When you are accredited you can display the Friendly WiFi symbol. This makes it clear that your Wi-Fi meets a minimum standard of content filtering.  When you see the symbol (pictured above) access to illegal content and pornography has been blocked. The sites which are blocked are those known to the Internet Watch Foundation.

What are the benefits?

  • Acknowledge your corporate social responsibility
  • Be proud your WiFi, as a minimum, blocks illegal content and pornography
  • Show that your WiFi is not only ‘present’ but ‘safe’ to use
  • Be part of the Friendly Wi-Fi online search directory
  • Be part of their social media activities
  • Show your guests/customers and their children that you care


Other businesses already supporting and using Friendly Wi-Fi include:

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