What is Social WiFi?

what is social wifi

Providing free Wi-Fi can be a significant outlay but your guests expect it. G5Zone Social WiFi allows your guests to connect using their Social Media Accounts. Handy for them and can provide a return on investment for you!

By asking guests to sign into the Wi-Fi with their social media accounts you can gain valuable demographics about your customers. You can also engage with them on social media and drive additional revenue. As well as the possibility of more likes, tweets and customer feedback.

Social WiFi Features Include:
  • Easy to connect with no pin codes or WPA keys to remember
  • Increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty by engaging with customers via social media
  • Marketing tool with easy access to demographic data such as age, gender, number and duration of visits
  • At least 6 different social media sign in options
  • Fully customisable login page

Benefits Include:
g5zone social wifi
  • G5Zone™ High speed, secure Wi-Fi for your customers
  • GDPR compliant Terms and Conditions
  • Security – ensures your Wi-Fi is legally compliant
  • Return on Investment from your Wi-Fi
  • Competitive edge – gain invaluable demographics and analytics about customers so you can tailor your marketing campaigns

To find out more about Social Wi-Fi and how we can help your business just give us a call on 01224 443 896 or email info@g5zone.com