At the end of 2021, in partnership with our Internet Service Provider Fibre1, G5 Technologies were asked to carry out a Wi-Fi survey of the existing Wi-Fi network that was installed at Faskally Caravan Park that had been installed a number of years back in order to ascertain if the existing Wi-Fi network was indeed still fit for purpose, it was the intention for G5 Technologies to take on support of the network from 2022.

Wi-Fi Survey

Our first step was to carry out both Passive and Active surveys using our trusted Wi-Fi planning software provided by Ekahau, it was clear that several of the aging Wi-Fi access points were no longer functioning and there were a number of Wi-Fi dead spots throughout the park.

Given the age of the existing hardware it was recommended that a complete hardware refresh was carried out using new cloud-controlled Wi-Fi hardware provided by our partner Ubiquiti.

Using our Ekahau Wi-Fi Planning Software a predictive Wi-Fi plan was put together to ensure that good external Wi-Fi coverage was available across the whole site.

Requirements for Faskally Caravan Park :

  • A user-friendly Wi-Fi system that was usable by both staff and guests.
  • External Wi-Fi coverage throughout the whole park
  • The network is compliant with GDPR legislation.
  • G5 Technologies to monitor, maintain and support the network and its users

Our proposal was submitted to the Faskally management and approval was given to go ahead and carry out the installation at the end of April so that the new system was live in time for the 2022 season.

The installation took place over a 2 week period. Post-installation Passive and Active surveys were carried out using our Ekahau Pro software. That way we were able to check the we had delivered Wi-Fi coverage throughout the park. Speed and load tests are carried out to ensure that everything was good to go for early May 2022.

What did Faskally have to say about G5Zone™ and our team at G5 Technologies?

We regularly review our customer service with users of G5Zone™ WiFi to ensure we are providing the best service we can. So we are very pleased to have received the below feedback from Ian at Faskally about our team at G5. We think our team do a fantastic job so it is always great to hear that our customers agree.

“The system has been very successful, and G5 Technologies have been extremely proficient in handling any connectivity issues. The remote monitoring means that any problems are rectified in real time. We are very impressed.”

As you can see from the below usage stats over the summer period thousands of devices were successfully connected to the new Wi-Fi network at Faskally ensuring that their guest could work, rest and play during their stay at Faskally Caravan Park