If you are looking for a WiFi site survey in Aberdeen or Scotland, then you have come to the right place.  We have a team of WiFi engineers who can work with you to ensure your WiFi meets your customer’s expectations.

What is a WiFi Site Survey?

green icon showing ticked off checklist and wifi symbol

A WiFi site survey is a service which we offer to assess the WiFi coverage at your business premises. A WiFi site survey can assist you in planning for a successful Wi-Fi installation or help troubleshoot any current WiFi issues. Wi-Fi signals are invisible so we use special WiFi Survey equipment to map the signals for you.

Several factors need to be considered to ensure you have sufficient Wi-Fi coverage where you need it. These include but are not limited to:

  • The fabric and layout of your building,
  • Any nearby Wi-Fi networks
  • Electronic devices which can cause interference
  • The number of users on your WiFi Network
  • Your internet connection.

Once we know more about your site we can then work out the best location to put the Wireless Access Points (WAPs) to give you great coverage.

We offer 3 different site survey options:

1. G5Zone™ WiFi Survey

Wherever possible we always recommend an onsite WiFi survey as part of planning your G5Zone™ Wi-Fi network. This is the most effective way of getting the most accurate data about your premises and a reliable estimate of what WiFi equipment your site will need. G5 always carry out a WiFi survey before and after installing G5Zone™ to ensure your WiFi coverage is as great as we can make it.

2.Wi-Fi Fault-finding Survey

Option 2 - Fault Finding WiFi Survey

We can also carry out a fault-finding survey if your business is getting complaints about Wi-Fi. Complaints can be common if you haven’t taken into account certain factors like building fabric or number of users.

If you are getting complaints such as: Slow Wi-Fi, intermittent speed issues, patchy Wi-Fi coverage or dead spots, then we can help you rectify these issues. Our Wi-Fi engineers will visit your site and help get to the root of your problem.  They can provide WiFi heat maps like the one above to show you the coverage across your premises.

3. Predictive WiFi Survey

Option 3 - Predictive WiFi Survey. Plan showing wifi coverage of the ground floor in a building

This type of survey is perfect for buildings currently under construction.  It is a fantastic tool for project managers to ensure they allocate sufficient budget for their Wi-Fi deployment. Using our WiFi planning software to map your premises, a predictive survey will give an indicative plan of Wi-Fi coverage and performance. We take into account your building structural makeup, the material used in its construction and also within the building. This gives us a good idea of the number of access points required.  We can also help work out data cabling locations so that any WiFi equipment can be installed with ease.

We are based in Westhill, Aberdeenshire and are able to provide WiFi site surveys in Aberdeen and throughout the UK. Just get in touch if you’d like to know if we can help your business.