It is vital to have a reliable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth for your Guest WiFi. If you don’t currently have a reliable connection, or any internet connection at all then we can help.  We have been an internet service provider in Scotland for more than 15 years. We can assess your current internet connection and work out which service best suits your business.

Why do I need a reliable Guest WiFi Internet Connection?

When your guests come to stay they expect great WiFi. 

Guests often bring more than one device with them in order to stay in touch with the world. From smart phones and laptops to tablets and even games consoles they all need a reliable internet connection to function at their best.  If you have multiple guests then you need to be sure your connection can cope with large volumes of internet traffic.

What if my internet connection isn’t reliable?

If your connection isn’t reliable you can end up with complaints from guests, failed video call meetings or even lost business. We can assess your current internet connection to help you work out whether it is ready to cope with multiple devices.  Having a reliable internet connection will help your business offer great WiFi to your guests.

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When we support your internet connection alongside G5Zone™ your guests will be treated to great WiFi and excellent customer service.

What is the benefit of letting G5 provide your internet connection?

G5 Proactive support includes:
  • A dedicated point of contact; someone who knows you and your business.
  • 24/7 response from our dedicated on call engineer so you know we are always there when you need us. Guests can call us direct for support on their devices.
  • A fully monitored internet connection so we can keep an eye out for internet outages and monitor bandwidth usage to help improve guest experience.
  • Excellent Customer Service.  Take a look at our Testimonials

We can offer you internet connectivity packages to suit your business

We can customise an internet connectivity package to suit your business. Options include ADSL, super-fast broadband also known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Ethernet First Mile (EFM), leased lines and Satellite Broadband, 4G and Emergency internet connections including backup lines. We can even install outdoor point to point links between buildings – so if you have a property over the road which gets a better connection then you could share it.

4G Connection options:
  1. 4G SIM cards with unlimited data – great for outdoor seating areas
  2. Emergency 4G connections

Looking for an internet service provider in Scotland?

If you are looking for internet access for your business in Scotland call us on 01224 443 896.  We are based in Westhill, Aberdeenshire and know the challenges which Scottish customers can face.

Image which links to speedtest website so you can test your WiFi speed.get in touch with G5 Technologies if you have less than 5mb. We are an internet service provider in Scotland

As an internet service provider in Scotland we might be able to reduce your costs for line rental, broadband and calls.  Just ask us.