G5Zone Acceptable Use Policy

On this page you can find our G5Zone Acceptable Use Policy. If you are looking for any of our other policies you can find them in our resources section.


Use of the G5Zone Network contrary to the operational and management objectives of the G5Zone Network is unacceptable and prohibited.

G5Zone Acceptable Use Policy: Scope

This Policy applies to all customers and to all other users of the G5Zone™ Network.

Prohibited Uses of G5Zone™

Examples of prohibited uses of the G5Zone Network are described below. The examples are guidelines and are not intended to be exhaustive.


Illegal/Criminal Activity

The G5Zone Network may not be used in connection with criminal or civil violations of laws, regulations, or other government requirements of any jurisdiction. Such violations include theft or infringement of copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or other intellectual property, export control violations, fraud, forgery, pyramid or other prohibited business schemes; and theft, misappropriation, or unauthorised transmission or storage of funds, credit card information, personal information, or online services.


Security Violations

The G5Zone Network may not be used to violate the security of a network, service or other system. Examples of security include hacking, cracking into, monitoring, or using systems without authorisation; scanning ports; conducting denial of service attacks; distributing viruses or other harmful software; smurf attacks; and unauthorised alteration or destruction of websites or other information.



The G5Zone Network may not be used to transmit or store material of a threatening nature, including threats of death or physical harm, harassment, libel, and defamation.


Offensive materials

The G5Zone Network may not be used to transmit or store material of an offensive nature, including obscene, pornographic, indecent, abusive and harmful materials, or to transmit to recipient’s material which is inappropriate for them, including obscene or offensive materials to children.


The G5Zone Network may not be used to spam. Spam includes any of the following activities:

  • sending any unsolicited email that could be expected, in our judgement, to provoke complaints.
  • sending email that does not accurately identify the sender, the sender’s return address, and the email address of origin.
  • sending unsolicited email without identifying in the email a clear and easy means to be excluded from receiving additional email from the originator of the email.
  • collecting the responses of unsolicited email.
  • sending email with charity requests, petitions for signatures, or any chain mail related materials.
  • transmitting email by or on behalf of a user of the Service which uses a G5ZONE mailbox for responses, or which promotes the content hosted or transmitted using G5ZONE facilities, or which states or implies in any way that G5ZONE was involved in the transmission of such email or content.
  • posting a single message or messages similar in content to more than five online forums or newsgroups.
  • posting messages to an online forum or newsgroup that violate the rules of the forum or newsgroup.


Security System

The G5Zone Network may not be used, directly or indirectly, with systems that are not configured and maintained in a manner which prevents their use by others in violation of this Policy. Examples include improperly securing a server so that it may be used by others to conduct a denial of service attack, improperly securing a mail server so that it may be used by others to distribute spam, and improperly securing an FTP server so that it may be used by others to illegally distribute licensed software.



The G5Zone Network may not be used in a manner that damages G5Zone’s reputation or goodwill; violates another ISP’s acceptable use policy and/or terms of service; or interferes with another’s use of the G5Zone network or a G5Zone service.



The resale of the Service is not permitted, unless expressly permitted in a written agreement signed by G5Zone.



The G5Zone Network may not be used to attempt an activity prohibited by this Policy – whether or not successful.


We may cooperate with system administrators at other ISPs or other network or computing service providers to enforce this G5Zone Acceptable Use Policy or a policy of another provider. We may involve, and will cooperate with, law enforcement if criminal activity is suspected. Violators may also be subject to civil or criminal liability under applicable law.