Whether you are running a cafe, serviced apartments or a 5 star hotel, there are some considerations to make before you allow the public access to your WiFi. Providing Public WiFi – what do I need?

For a start, you will need to think about:

A suitable Internet connection for Public WiFi

It is vital to have a reliable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth for all your guests. Poor or slow guest WiFi is the cause of many complaints. Plan for excellent WiFi coverage for all required areas; indoors and outdoors.

WiFi Hardware and Software

When providing Public WiFi you will need suitable hardware and software to discourage illegal activity and ensure fair usage for all your guests.

If your WiFi system can’t block peer-to peer traffic then it is time to upgrade!

WiFi Legal Compliance

There are various laws and regulations that apply to the operation of public WiFi.  GDPR is just one example. Fines can be hefty if you don’t comply.

Support for your guest WiFi

Think about maintenance and support for your WiFi.  Can your staff operate your WiFi network and ensure legal compliance? Would outsourced WiFi support be useful?

public wifi providerOur fully managed WiFi service is perfect for hotels, student accommodation, cafes and more.

G5 have been providing high-speed, legally compliant, WiFi for over 14 years. We fully understand both your guest WiFi demands as well as the issues that arise.  We provide internet connectivity, reliable hardware and software and monitoring 24/7 .  G5Zone WiFi is also compliant with current GDPR Regulations so you don’t have to worry about any hefty fines.

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