We are proud to say that G5Zone™ is now the Pobl Student Living WiFi provider.

In 2020, Pobl Group looked for a trusted student accommodation internet provider with a proven track record. They had a set of important requirements which we needed to meet at an affordable price. Therefore we are delighted to say they chose us. We now provide our fully managed WiFi service – G5Zone™ – to their student accommodation site in Aberystwyth, Wales.

Pobl Student Living, Aberystwyth
Pobl Student Living, Aberystwyth

Requirements for the Pobl Student Accommodation internet:

  • Login via Eduroam
  • A WiFi solution which supports 1000 concurrent devices.
  • WiFi is usable by both tenants and guests.
  • The network is compliant with GDPR legislation.
  • G5 monitor, maintain and support the network and its users

The installation took place in 2020, with an aim for the project to be complete by the end of August 2020. This was to ensure the WiFi was to be fully functional in time for students coming back for the new term. As students are now mainly studying remotely the system needs to be able to cope with multiple devices with ease. In other words, great WiFi for everyone in the building.

The best WiFi solution for Pobl Student Living is G5Zone™

Pobl Student Living WiFi Logo

Our tried and tested G5Zone™ WiFi provides the best quality of design and value for money.  Above all Pobl asked us to ensure that students had little or no impact to their remote learning.

POBL Student Living WiFi Installation

Our first step was to carry out a predictive survey of the site in Aberystwyth. Using architect plans and our Ekahau Network Planner software we survey the whole building. After that we were able to find out the number of WiFi access points we need to get good coverage. We are also able to pinpoint the best location for each access point.

The installation took place a 4 weeks prior to the go live date. Post-installation Passive and Active surveys were carried out using Ekahau Pro. That way we can check the WiFi coverage is great. Speed and load tests are carried out to ensure that everything was in good to go for intake day. In other words, we check to make sure everyone can login at the same time and use the WiFi.

Once the students returned to their accommodation we had minimal requests for support. We think this is partly because Eduroam has an easy to use login page. Happy students equal happy accommodation providers.

Guest Wi-Fi at Pobl Group

Alongside the Pobl Student Acccommodation WiFi we also provide Guest Wi-Fi access. Guest WiFi is free to the end user and the onboarding of the visitors Wi-Fi device is as simple as possible. It has sign on options available through social media, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There is also a manual sign on page for users that prefer not to use social media. A fully customisable landing page and GDPR compliant Terms and Conditions were agreed with the Pobl Group during the installation process.

Once a visitor has successfully registered on the Wi-Fi network, the device will automatically redirect to their chosen webpage. Return visits are recognised and auto login/onboarding on the device takes place.

Our 24×7 support was essential in our offering to ensure students always have help available for any WiFi issues.

What did Pobl have to say about G5Zone™ and our team at G5?

We regularly review our customer service with users of G5Zone™ WiFi to ensure we are providing the best service we can. So we are glad to say we got the below excellent feedback from Matthew Abel at Pobl about our team at G5. We think our team do a fantastic job so it is always great to hear that our customers agree.

student accommodation Internet: Customer testimonial for G5Zone from Matthew Abel at Pobl Student Living in 2020.  It reads "The service from Steve and the team is never short of excellent. The Team are extremely Knowledgeable and provide a proficient solution focused turnaround on a range of digital challenges. Ongoing Guest feedback is just as Positive with availability of hassle free, fast reliable Wi-Fi. Looking forward to working with the Team as we roll out services across the rest of our Portfolio".
Testimonial from Pobl Student Living