Wi-Fi issues can be related to many factors.

The following fixes can often resolve minor issues with your Wi-Fi connection:

1.Try restarting your device

If the network does not appear in your network list, try rebooting your device. Some devices put their Wi-Fi cards in sleep mode, sometimes the card does not resume from sleep properly and the reboot will resolve this. A reboot resolves this.

2.Try forgetting the network

If you cannot connect but have previously connected, try forgetting the g5zone network to remove the settings. This forces your device to refresh the correct Wi-Fi settings.



If your device connects but doesn’t display the splash page, try opening a browser and typing in the address bar. This should force the splash page.


4.Try browsing the internet

If you can view the splash page, have filled out and submitted the details, but your device says it cannot display the page, try entering a web address into the browser anyway (e.g. www.g5zone.com).


If you are still having issues getting online at a G5Zone™ location call us on 01224 443 896 and one of our friendly engineers will help work out what is going on.