What is G5Zone? 

What is G5Zone – it is a fully managed WiFi service that gives each of your guests wireless internet access anywhere on your premises. Our aim is to help you gain advantage over your competition by maximising WiFi uptime and minimising customer complaints.

  • A reliable, high speed WiFi service that is legally compliant
  • Excellent aftercare service with 24/7 support
  • FREE installation of WiFi hardware with no upfront investment

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How Does it Work?

Guests connect their laptop or wireless device to the WiFi network by searching for the G5Zone™ network.

When the internet browser window is open, the G5Zone™ login page will appear. This login page can be customised to match your own branding or incorporate Social WiFi – where guests can login via their social media accounts. To proceed, guests just agree to the terms and conditions which are in line with current GDPR guidelines.

The internet service can be offered on this page either for free or at a rate determined by you.

For guests that don’t have a device, we can provide and install kiosk terminals which accept either credit card or coin transactions.

Your guests can be up and running in less than 3 clicks with little or no technical knowledge but if they need any help getting connected our on call team are available 24/7 over the phone to help.


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Providing Guest WiFi – What do I need?

If you would rather talk to someone then give us a call on 01224 443 896