Our website G5tech.com is usually the place to for our top news and tricks but we have decided to start sharing our WiFi tips and top information on our new G5Zone Blog.

The G5Zone Blog is a great place to look for WiFi tips and information. We plan to share regular posts to help you learn more about WiFi and G5Zone.

What can I read about on the G5Zone blog?

We will be sharing tips about providing and using public WiFi as well as sharing case studies and details about G5Zone services.

Why do I need to know about WiFi?

G5Zone wifi blog

WiFi is everywhere now and highly important to business, studying and socialising.  Some of our clients would even rather give students in their student accommodation WiFi than beds! That’s how important it has become for everyday life. We have been providing G5Zone for over 15 years so we know good WiFi. G5Zone is our fully managed Wi-Fi solution offering high speed and reliable Wi-Fi with 24/7 support from our engineers. The G5Zone blog will help you learn more about WiFi and find out if G5Zone is a good option for your business.

What is G5Zone?

G5Zone™ is a fully managed WiFi service provided by G5 Technologies. It gives each of your guests wireless internet access anywhere on your premises. Our aim is to help you gain advantage over by maximising WiFi uptime and minimising customer WiFi complaints.  We do this by providing 24/7 support to your guests.

G5Zone provides legally compliant public WiFi, which offers high speeds and free installation of WiFi hardware with no upfront investment. Alongside G5Zone we offer options like Child Friendly WiFi, Eduroam and Social WiFi as well as Covid-19 Track and Trace.

How can I find out more about G5Zone?

You can find out more on our website G5Zone.com where you will find information about Providing Public WiFi as well as some of our other services. Here you can take a look at our case studies or keep up to date with the G5Zone Blog.  Our current clients think our customer service is excellent and we think you will agree.

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