G5 Technologies are now the Wi-Fi provider for Hello Student.

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Whether you are providing free Wi-Fi in a café or student accommodation, there are some legal considerations to think about. You need to know your responsibilities before you allow the public access to your internet connection.

“In an ideal world there would be free WiFi everywhere, but it is not as simple as that”. G5 Technologies Director, Steve Brand explains. “Someone needs to pay for the internet connection and the related hardware and maintenance of your system. There are also various laws and regulations that apply to the operation of public WiFi.”

In 2013, Scape Homes had plans to build a 55 bed student accommodation block in Aberdeen City centre.  They were looking for a public Wi-Fi provider to help them plan and design a Wi-Fi system. They system needs to be fast and robust catering to very high internet usage by student tenants.

The Installation

Discussions with G5 Technologies started right at the planning stage of their development. G5 were quickly selected as their preferred public Wi-Fi provider. We were tasked with planning the Wi-Fi network based on architects drawings. This was so that Scape Homes could allocate money for the Wi-Fi network into their budget. During the construction phase of the development, G5 carried out all of the infrastructure cabling. This cabling supports the Wi-Fi network. We also designed and installed the IP-based CCTV system. We worked with BT on the installation of the internet connection and phone lines. These were required in time for the building be completed so the students could move in.

The Summer of 2014 saw the next set of students take up residence. The Cloud-based dashboard shows there are at least 150 devices connected to the G5Zone Wi-Fi at any one time. The students regularly download over 1TB of data each week.

These sites are now owned and operated by Hello Student. G5 Technologies still provide them with G5Zone™ Managed Wi-Fi.

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