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Back in 2014, Ardmuir Student Accommodation were developing a 155-bed student accommodation property in the heart of Edinburgh’s student zone.  G5 Technologies were awarded the contract to design, deliver and support the Wi-Fi network in Edinburgh after having successfully installed managed Wi-Fi for their newest student accommodation property at 403 King Street, Aberdeen.

Being involved at the planning stage was crucial and the Wi-Fi network was designed based on the architect drawings and backed up by an Ekahau onsite survey during the construction stage.  All of the network infrastructure cabling was then carried out to support the Wi-Fi Network.

G5 dealt directly with BT to coordinate the installation of the internet connectivity and analogue lines required before the building was handed over to Edinburgh University. Nearing the end of the construction phase of the building, a buyer came forward and the building was subsequently sold a few weeks before the handover of the building was completed.

G5 Technologies successfully commissioned and made live the Wi-Fi network in time for the students moving in. We are quite proud of this achievement, given the developer had taken on the operation of 9 new developments during the summer of 2014 and only 4 of the buildings had operational Wi-Fi in time for the students moving in, G5’s being one of them.

In 2017, Ardmuir had another 3 other buildings in Aberdeen totaling over 800 beds of student accommodation.  The main site at Trinity Court with 500 beds and 2 smaller sites located a short distance away. G5 were invited to tender for the managed Wi-Fi for these sites and were successful in their bid.  One issue was how to provide sufficient bandwidth at the smaller sites, so G5 installed Leased Lines in Trinity Court and then 60Ghz Wireless Point-to-Point (PtP) links with 5Ghz backup connections were used to provide connectivity to the 2 smaller sites.

In 2018, Ardmuir recently acquired a 128-bed site in Dundee, again G5 were invited to tender for the provision of Wi-Fi for the 2018 intake of students.  We were once again delighted to have been awarded this contract.  With the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018, we also implemented branded, GDPR compliant login pages across all sites to ensure that the terms and conditions of their Wi-Fi service was in line with the GDPR Regulations.



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G5 now support all Ardmuir student accommodation sites for the provision of managed Wi-Fi services including the provision of their internet, including Leased Lines, Point-to-Point links and backup FTTC connections.



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