In this article you can find step by step instructions from G5Zone™ for finding the MAC addresses on your games console.

Looking for your MAC address on an Xbox?

You might find it tricky to find a mac address for your Xbox without a step by step instruction. Don’t fret! We can help you find a MAC address for Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Wii and many more consoles.

What is a MAC address?

The media access control address (MAC) address is a unique address assigned to your games console. WiFi networks use your devices mac address to know where to send your internet traffic, just like how the postman knows where to send your mail.  It is very useful when it comes to troubleshooting any issue your device may be having with the WiFi connection. Our engineers can use this address to locate your device on any G5Zone network and look at detailed logs for its connection attempts. 

When you use a G5Zone™ WiFi network you have to accept our terms and conditions before you can use it. This is because having your permission to see your mac address is part of the legal compliance related to all public WiFi networks in the UK. If you’d like to know more about what information can be found about your device when it uses a G5Zone WiFi network then take a look at our Terms and Conditions.

How to find the MAC address for my games console

We have created some step by step instructions on where to find mac addresses on various games consoles.

Just click on your device in the list below to go straight to the instructions for it:

Microsoft Games Console mac address instructions

An image of a white Xbox One to show that this article mentions how to find the mac address of an Xbox One and other games consoles

Xbox One

To find the MAC address on an Xbox One:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page
  2. Open Network page
  3. Open Advanced Settings

XBox 360

To find the MAC address on an Xbox 360:

  1. With the system on and on the Xbox dashboard open the system settings option
  2. Go to Network settings then in that window select Configure Network.
  3. There will then be two options, you will want to highlight and click the block of text with “Advanced Settings
  4. From there, look to the bottom left hand corner for the MAC Address.

Xbox (original, wired only)

To find the MAC address on an Xbox (original):

  1. Turn on your system without a game inside the disc tray
  2. Unplug the network cable
  3. Navigate to the Xbox Live option and when it cannot connect click settings
  4. Now scroll down to network settings
  5. In the lower right hand corner look for MAC=(This number is your MAC address).

Sony Games Console mac address instructions

Sony Playstation Controllers to illustrate how to find a mac address on your Playstation

Playstation 5

To find the MAC address on a Playstation 5:

  1. Power on the PS5 without a disc inside the disc slot.
  2. In the PS5 menu, arrow up and select Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Network.
  4. Scroll down to View Connection Status.
  5. The MAC Address will be listed next to MAC Address (LAN) and MAC Address (Wi-Fi).

Playstation 4

To find the MAC address on a Playstation 4:

  1. Switch on your Playstation 4.
  2. On the XMB menu scroll to the right to Settings
  3. Navigate down to and open Network page
  4. Navigate down to and open View Connection Status page
  5. Your MAC Address should be listed here.

Playstation 3

To find the MAC address on a Playstation 3:

  1. Start up the Playstation to the main menu (i.e. without a disc in the drive)
  2. Navigate to the System Settings icon and select
  3. Within that list find the option that says System Information and select
  4. In that list you will find your MAC Address

Playstation 2

To find the MAC address on a Playstation 2 (Wired only):

  1. Start up your system and load the Network Adaptor Startup Disc
  2. With that loaded select ISP Setup when that opens select Agree
  3. Within the menu that opens you will want to select Local Area Network
  4. From there click Automatic Configuration then click Advanced
  5. Within that menu make sure Automatic is selected and then at the bottom of the list is your MAC address.

Nintendo Games Console mac address instructions

A pair of hands holding a Nintendo Switch, to highlight that here is where you can find how to find a mac address for your Nintendo console

Wii U

To find the MAC address on Wii U:

  1. Navigate to System Settingsfrom the Wii U Menu
  2. Select Internet
  3. SelectView Mac Address
  4. Your MAC address is displayed here

Nintendo Wii

To find the MAC address on Wii:

  1. Start up the Wii to its channel menu
  2. In the bottom-left corner of the screen select the circle that says Wii
  3. Then select the option on the right that says Wii Settings
  4. Click the right arrow to the second page and then select Internet and then Console Information
  5. The wireless hardware/MAC address should be listed (Two mac address options will appear if you have a LAN adapter installed)

Nintendo Switch 

To find the MAC address on a switch:

  1. Select the “System Settings” from the Home Menu
  2. Scroll down through the menu and select “Internet
  3. The console’s MAC address will be listed under “System MAC Address

Can’t find your device listed?

Take a look at our mac address page to find instructions on how to locate your mac address on other devices.