To help us troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection issues we sometimes ask you for the MAC address of your device. You might be thinking what is a MAC address? Or how do I find it? Don’t worry – the G5Zone™ team are here to help! One of our team might have even sent you this handy link to help you find your MAC address.

What is a MAC address?

The media access control address (MAC) address is a unique address assigned to the network card in your device. It works kind of like a postal address but instead of you receiving letters a network sends internet traffic to your mac address.

Why does a WiFi network need my MAC address?

Public WiFi networks have to ask you for permission to manage your data as part of General Data Protection Guidelines (GDPR) in the UK. They need your permission because if you connect to a public WiFi network it can see your MAC address. The MAC address is considered personal data in the GDPR, and it is subject to the GDPR rules. If you provide Public WiFi then you need to know about the legal compliance required. When you access any public WiFi network you should have signed terms and conditions in order to use it.

You have to accept our Terms and Conditions before being able to access G5Zone™. If your device is having any trouble with a G5Zone™ WiFi network then our engineers can use your MAC address to help troubleshoot. They can locate your device on any G5Zone™ network and look at logs for its connection attempts.

How do I find my MAC address?

person typing on laptop to represent how to find my mac address

There are many different devices out there and they can have trouble with WiFi for various reasons! So we asked our engineers for their best tips on how to find mac addresses on loads of different devices to help you out. They sent us over some step-by-step instructions to help you to find your mac address.

Please click on your device type below to look at our step by step instructions:

If your device is having trouble accessing a G5Zone™ WiFi network give our friendly engineering team a call on 01224 443 896 so we can help you get online.