Upgrade for Primo Property Management WiFi at The Courthouse

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It was time for an upgrade to Primo Property Management WiFi. So in 2015 G5 Technologies were asked by Primo Property Management to help improve the Wi-Fi at their student accommodation site, The Courthouse in Plymouth.

At the time the team at The Courthouse, Plymouth were receiving lots of complaints from students that the internet access was intermittent.  The Wi-Fi was slow when it was working. This meant that our aim was to improve it and provide our 24/7 support to students and staff. Primo Property Mangement WiFi was going to be upgraded to G5Zone™!

G5Zone™ WiFi was the best Solution for Primo Property Management

The first step was to carry out a Wi-Fi survey using their floor plans to check coverage. Our engineers use The Ekahau Network Planner to identify any dead spots throughout the building. The software also suggests locations where access points can be installed to provide best coverage.  Some Wi-Fi interference issues were also picked up with our WiFi Spectrum Analyzer.

Our new wireless network was installed new Cisco Meraki Access points. Upgrades were done for the internet connection into the building. Post-installation surveys were also carried out using Ekahau Pro. This provides detailed Wi-Fi coverage maps of the building to ensure adequate coverage. We also test the network so we can see that it is going to perform as we expect. A key requirement in student accommodation buildings is to ensure that visitor traffic had no impact on the operational traffic. Traffic shaping policies are applied to meet this requirement.

We also ensure that each G5Zone™ meets legal requirements for providing Wi-Fi inline with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Primo have awarded G5 the contract to design and install a wireless network at their newest student accommodation site. Rathmell Hall in York will be ready for the summer 2017 intake.  

What did Primo Property Management think of G5Zone™?

We regularly review our customer service with users of G5Zone™ WiFi to ensure we are providing the best service we can. So we are glad to say we got the below excellent feedback from Jill Killoran at Primo Property Management about our team at G5. We think our team do a fantastic job so it is always great to hear that our customers think they do too!

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WiFi for student accommodation needs to keep up with students who have multiple devices: mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smart TV’s, games consoles. G5 have now been providing our managed G5Zone™ student accommodation Wi-Fi to students for 14 years.

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